What We do

Our mission is very simple: Connect People,  Businesses,  Data & Services .

We’re committed to develop new Products & Services  that are engineered to benefit humans, and humanity.

Also at Izandu Enterprise, we aim  to change the world through innovative solutions to real problems for a safer, smarter and more extraordinary future to enhance the lives of our customers, create new, diverse, opportunities in global communication and bring the people of this big planet just a little closer together.

Our Products & Technologies

Web & eCommerce

Trading & Distribution

Business Outsourcing

Education Solution

Izandu eCommerce for everyone

All the Features You Need

Izandu’s all-in-one eCommerce solution lets you easily create, manage and expand your store.

Create your Store

With expertly-designed themes, custom domains, intuitive functionality and more, Izandu has everything you need to build your Online store your way.

Sell Your Products

Fully merchandise your products with multiple photos, videos and item details that brilliantly showcase everything that’s great about what you sell

Grow Your Business

Get more sales than your competitors and Stay in touch with customers and sell even more with our state of the art social and marketplace tools

Reach Further

Izandu lets you expand your store to Facebook, Ebay, Amazon and beyond, so you can sell across the web.