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Planning to visit factories in Mainland China or Vietnam?

We’ll help you plan the whole journey, find suitable accomodation, consult on visa related matters and schedule meetings with your factories of choice.
In addition, we’ll also prepare pre-written questions and checklists to ensure that you get the most out of your factory visits in Asia or with our partners factories across the globe.

What We do ?

We offer a full spectrum of services from sourcing existing products to custom manufacturing to order follow-up

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Our process

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    We plan ahead with you to ensure maximum efficiency for your trip. We identify your specific travel objectives and work with you to set an optimal itinerary and ensure that your goals are met in the shortest time and the most effective way.
    We will take care of all your plans including flight itinerary, airport pickup, and accommodations. For your convenience, we can arrange lodging at preferred locations with our exclusive corporate rates.

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    Factory Visit Arrangements

    Your factory visits are usually the most important reasons for your trip to China or Asia. We can arrange factories to visit at the Shanghai office and let them present new products and ideas there (much more efficient: you could easily meet 4 factories in one day), or we can plan your internal china travel to specific factory sites. A member of your sourcing team at Izandu can accompany you on your visit acting as guide, advisor and interpreter.

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    Interpreter Services

    Izandu Sourcing Team’s interpreters don’t just interpret the language: they interpret the situation. Unlike other interpreters, Izandu's sourcing interpreters understand your product, the import/export terminology, the order history and the background of the factories. This allows you to communicate effectively with your suppliers and to get your point across without misunderstandings.

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The Izandu Difference

Izandu, Your Sourcing Partner for Global Competitiveness

We will identify factories who match your requirements. We will provide you with information about the factories with all the necessary contact details so that you can communicate directly with them. We give you first name, last name, title, email and phone number of contact person. The only things we guarantee is that they are able to make your product and they will reply to your email. Quick, cheap and reliable way to get in touch with factories you can trust.

Ready to start production?

Finding an overseas manufacturer can take months, with Izandu it takes on average less than a week to get your first set of bids. Stop wasting time and money when you could have already started production.